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Published on January 4th, 2017 | by CPGs


The Next Director Members Contest

The Next Director members draw is under way with a draw date soon to be announced. We are excited to get the first winner picked and the shoot under way. We have always planned this tour to be and interactive one where our fans could actually get involved, and get in on some of the action. We know there would be a lot of people who would just love to come on set, hang around and witness all that goes on during our shoots, we had many requests from our friends to be there during our launch so it wasn’t a stretch to imagine many others would like to as well. We just figure why not let them get involved right up in front of the action calling all the shots! It’s a little crazy but you can’t have the wildest tour without crazy stuff going on. You get to come in and direct the girls(s) in our bedroom set, it will be your voice talking her through her solo scene, I think it will add some level of humor, make it fun. Our first director for the bedroom set scenes in our first episode was our main director and it was his first time doing something like this, he was a pro but there was still a certain amount of nervousness from him and some of the first questions and things he said were funny, I mean talking about your favorite meal while a sexy girl is stripping and taking her clothes off made me laugh! It also ads depth to the reality aspect of this series, you will never know who or what to expect! The winner will also get to come on our After Party talk show/web series which is modeled after the Talking Dead, for the Walking Dead, which recaps that episode and gets into all the drama and breaks down all that happened during the production of the show, and believe me there’s a lot to talk about! The winner will get to talk about his or her experience and any juicy stories they leave with. We also give them a couple of souvenirs so they will never forget their experience although we don’t suspect they ever would. It will definitely be exciting to see it all unfold, and see how it turns out. As far as we know this members draw is unmatched anywhere!

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