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News Feed The girls finally arrive to shoot their solo scenes

Published on January 22nd, 2016 | by CPGs


The Final Day of Production

Canadian Party Girls have reached their 3rd and final day of production for the first episode of their reality TV show and uncensored DVD series. “We had a lot in store for the day, very busy!” said Steve “We had 3 gorgeous girls coming in for our first bedroom set scenes, there will be a number of different girls for each Episode/DVD. I was nervous of what was going to happen, and just hoped it would all go down smoothly and that they would at least show up on time, or even just show up!.” laughs Steve. ” I had also invited Ashley, one of our sexy hosts, to get some camera time with our photographer Donald Lawrence, as well our new assistant and casting director Bex had decided last minute to jump in front of the camera. She had never done a photo shoot before …  ever, and was I glad she jumped in and did it, she was amazing, so hot!”

The day eventually got under way, late of course and there was also some drama! “Oh the drama can’t forget about that. I had Ashley freaking me out, and a phone call from Kayla out in BC, and let me tell you she was pissed. Not only that, we had an unexpected scenario that really shocked us all, but definitely made for some laughs. I don’t think I even want to discuss it. I was really disappointed, and learned a big lesson, although not sure something like that could have been avoided. “All I will say is that there was some mustard and ketchup squirting and not in any way you might think of or for reasons why. I have to make up a better screening process next time.” Steve laughs! ” And that’s just one part of it.” The day went on and ended as another successful day of production. Here’s a bit of the action.

Want to see more bedroom set action click here!

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