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News Feed Getting set up before we shoot our solo scenes in our bedroom set

Published on January 28th, 2016 | by CPGs


The Bedroom Set – Uncovered

“We all know so much of what you see out there is staged.” Steve states “We just want to show you how it really is! Ya the girls get paid, and I’m sure there may occasionally be a professional that comes through our door, but its all real because we show it to you that way and don’t try and hide it.” CPG’s had just finished filming their bedroom set solo girl scenes which get spread out amongst all the drama and action throughout each DVD. “None of these girls had done anything like this before, and I was a little nervous cause neither had we” laughs Steve “Well at least not organized like this” as he adds a wink. ” I left the action up to my producer Rob who turned director for those scenes. I had a good laugh at one point when I think they were talking about dinner or something.” Steve chuckles. “But that quickly turns into some real hot sexy uncensored action you don’t want to miss!”

Three girls come in for the solo girl scenes this day, first was Marianne, a stunning girl with a huge set of tits! She’s also the oldest of the three. “We didn’t want to focus primarily on the barley legal thing its been played out, you’ll never know who to expect and that’s the fun of it.” second was Magdalena a European model that was the center of attention that day. “What a shocker she was, I guess you really never know whats going to happen and I really wasn’t happy about it and almost pulled the footage and stopped production!  “I just held my breath and let it all unfold, and she did end up putting on a very entertaining show.” Finally there was Krystal a fun sexy bombshell who at one point asked for some ice and a banana popsicle “Lets just say it melted real fast!” Here’s a few behind the scenes pics from those solo girl scenes. Do you want to get in on the action? You can direct our next bedroom set scenes. Find out how you can be the Next Director!

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