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Published on August 25th, 2016 | by CPGs


American Party Girls – Uncensored Reality Tour

American Party Girls – Uncensored Reality Tour is our spinoff series to our original Canadian Party Girls tour of the same name. We had always planned to have an American tour with new American hosts accompanied by one of our own Canadian hosts (not yet chosen – maybe the fans will decide), and its owner. The series will mirror the Canadian original along with the post recap show The After Party and the mainstream reality show – Reel Life which runs parallel to the tour catching the operations, production, appearances, events, and the lives of the main characters and crew. We plan to alternate the seasons so our fans can get a steady supply of the series as we move between the Canadian season and American one, so when one season ends the other is ready for you to follow. That’s why we want some of the cast to carry over so the different series actually connect with each other. We will also have our new original and unique recurring members contests The Next Director and The VIP Pass so we will still have that same level of interaction with our fans and members unmatched anywhere. A large portion of our members are American and many have asked for an American tour so we are very happy that we will be giving them what they want.  In the meantime you might as well start following us on our Canadian Party Girls – Uncensored Reality tour and sign up now !

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