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Canadian Party Girls sexy hosts

Welcome to Canadian Party Girls – Uncensored Reality Tour, a reality based experience like no other! Best described as a Girls Gone Wild “style” series crossed with a reality TV show. Come party with us as we travel across the country to the hottest nightclubs, sexiest parties, and showcase the wildest naked girls in Canada. You follow all the drama, action, excitement and relationships as we tour the country shooting our uncensored reality tour. Go deep inside the business and behind the scenes in this ultra sexy and action packed world of Canadian Party Girls. You follow everything that happens as we launch this company from the very start, and show you how it all really goes down. Watch our hosts, the owner, his sexy assistant and crew deliver a one of a kind uncensored adult reality series as they tour the country, cast and shoot gorgeous models and deal with a pressure filled rock star like party tour across the country. Then go behind the scenes and get the inside scoop on all the drama and the action with our upcoming recap/post show The After Party.

We have just started two unique one of a kind recurring members contests/draws unmatched anywhere! The first is The Next Director draw that will put you in the directors seat for our Bedroom Set scenes where you control the girl(s) during their solo scenes where anything goes. The second is our VIP Pass draws which will land you with exclusive VIP access to our tour events so you can watch all the action up close and in person, meet your favorite host(s) party with the owner and crew, and even make an appearance on our show. We have been accepting selfshot + exgf submissions and have added a new section with loads of images and videos being added. We have been working on a mainstream reality TV show/Web series called Canadian Party Girls – Reel Life which runs parallel to our uncensored reality tour series and goes deeper into the day to day life as well as the production aspects and behind the scenes footage where we will often break the fourth wall. Finally by popular demand our spinoff series American Party Girls and supporting series is gearing up for an official production launch, so to all our American friends, it’s time you get to know us! Don’t miss out on all the uncensored action take our tour now!

For those who have to have your hardcore footage we have that too, with over 5K videos across 50 categories all in full HD updated consistently! Watch porn the way it was meant to be seen … safe, convenient, and crystal clear. All in an AD Free members area! JOIN US NOW!

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